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Joel Guild Memorial Band Festival
May 22, 2022

The inaugural Joel Guild Memorial Band Festival was designed to serve as Joel's "memorial service".

Joel was a rock and blues guitar player and wasn't exactly a fan of tradition. He was adamant about not having a "funeral", so his wife, Gayle Karafil, asked Joel's many musician friends to participate in an all-day show to honor his life and music.  

We got in touch with Gatsby's Bar and Grill in Gahanna OH, who allowed us to use their wonderful patio and whose staff provided incredible service to our performers and guests.

Joel's friends and family came out in large numbers and all of the performers were more than happy to come and play for Joel and for CityMusic. It was an amazing day, full of music, memories, laughter and a few tears.  

Now, JoelFest is an annual event to benefit CityMusic's various music programs for underserved and at-risk children and teens in the greater Columbus area. 


JoelFest II will be held at Gatsby's on Sunday, June 4.  See our home page for full details.

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