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Our Generous Donors

Joel Guild and Gayle Karafil Endowment

Joel was a noted musician in the Columbus music scene, playing guitar with so many groups it is difficult to recount them all.  Music was always a vital part of his life and became a way to help him express himself. 

Although he worked as an IT repair person until his retirement, his day job was just a way to help him pursue his passion, music. 

This endowment, offered by Gayle in loving tribute, comes from her conviction that music was the core passion of Joel’s life. Playing guitar was a lifeline for Joel, an ability to tap into joy and solace during the hardest times of his life.  The intention of the endowment is not only to memorialize and celebrate the life of Joel Guild, but to help young people to find their passion and feel the power of music in their own lives.  Joel believed that music has the power to save lives and make the world a better place

Robinson Youth Guitar Program

Kent and Lori Robinson approached CityMusic Columbus sharing that they were passionate about feeding children and providing them with quality music education.  They have since become generous donors, speaking their passion into life and helping us to expand our Youth Guitar Program to multiple sites.  Kent, a musician and guitarist himself, has also joined our Board of Trustees.  CityMusic is very proud to partner with Kent and Lori to help the children of Columbus receive quality music education. 

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