Covid-19 updates                  

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic CityMusic Columbus and our music programs are currently on hiatus as schools work to keep their children and families safe. We are pausing our educational programs until it's deemed safe to re-start our classroom music lessons. 

What can be done in the meantime? Donating to us though Amazon Smile and your Kroger plus account is a free, easy, and extremely useful way to support us! You can easily update your Amazon and Kroger accounts and select CityMusic Columbus as your charity of choice. We plan to resume and expand our preschool music lessons as soon as we are able and your support is a great help! THANK YOU! 



Established in 1981, CityMusic Columbus is an arts organization that has long had a two fold mission of creating unique live music events and providing musical outreach to   Columbus youth. Moving forward we are shifting away from presenting and focusing on growing our partnerships with a variety of social service and arts organizations to provide music-making and music-educational opportunities to under-served children in Columbus. Our primary partnership at present is with the YMCA Columbus where we provide Head Start Music and Learning in five Head Start programs.

Music enhances learning, literacy, responsibility, spirituality, and creativity, and children who receive music education are better equipped to excel in academic activities and to participate in their communities. CityMusic Columbus can enhance the lives of citizens in our community by filling the gaps in exposure to musical



Proceeds from this performance will help support CityMusic Columbus to further expand music programs in Columbus metro area Head Start programs and enable additional music programs in Columbus Metropolitan Library branches.

Who we are...

Roger Parish,
Music Education Director 
We are excited to announce that Roger Parish has joined City Music as our Music Education Director! Roger is a graduate of the Capital University Conservatory of Music and is the music teacher and founder of the Parish Musical Arts Conservatory. He has directed several musical performances of all ages, performs often in musical performances and community theater. His other musical hobbies include African Drumming, Drum Circle events, and creating Hip Hop arrangements. Welcome Roger!

Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld,

Music Education Partner

​Mimi's special love, besides kids, is "creative education" - integrating the arts with every aspect of the curriculum, with an emphasis on movement and writing. Mimi has been the recipient of many wonderful honors and awards, but her favorite comes from a child who wrote, "Mimi, you're the Queen of Fun!"

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