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Our Administrative Team

CityMusic partners closely with Central Ohio Music Therapy to ensure the highest quality services for children of the community.  CityMusic and Central Ohio Music Therapy share the unifying mission of the power of music to inspire, empower and develop young minds. 


Erin Spring, MM,

Executive Director

Ceara serves at the Executive Director of CityMusic Columbus, in addition to her role as Director of Program Development at Central Ohio Music Therapy and Adjunct Professor of Music Therapy at Ohio University.

Education Director

Erin serves as Education Director for CityMusic Columbus in addition to her roles as Executive Director at Central Ohio Music Therapy and Adjunct Professor of Music Therapy at Ohio University.

We also extend our sincerest thanks to Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld, our longtime Music Education Partner for all her work with CityMusic and on behalf of children's music education.  Her passion has offered this organization endless inspiration.  Thank you for everything Mimi!


Ceara Chiapparelli ,MM, MMT, MT-BC

Our Teachers

Josie McCutcheon, MT-BC

Josie has been a board-certified music therapist since February of 2020. She received her Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy from Ohio University in 2019 where she also graduated with a Minor in Psychology. Josie completed her music therapy internship at Big Bend Hospice in Tallahassee, Florida. Hospice and palliative care music therapy is her passion.

Josie began working for COMT in June of 2021 right after returning from her honeymoon with her high school sweetheart, Nathan.

Josie began work for the Headstart Programs in Columbus in 2021 when programs were able to open back up post COVID.  She continues to assist in supervising these programs as a Senior Music Therapist.

Josie and Nathan live in Canton, Ohio with their dog Blanche. 

image_6487327 (4).JPG

Mark Rhodes, Therapeutic Musician, Music Educator

Mark knew at the very young age of 5 that music was going to be a part of life but parental financial circumstances prevented him from getting his first instrument as a young kid.  It wasn't until he was in high school that he was able to work and save to get the first guitar that helped him start his journey. In the interim he did other musical things that didn't cost money, such as singing and community programming.


Once he achieved his goal of owning a guitar he never looked back; making a vow do all he could to ensure his situation doesn't happen to other kids like him.  He began working for Kirk Horn Music Foundation and also COMT/REID Foundation years ago and they provided me with the opportunity to keep my vow and help people in need by providing Music education and also instruments to those who showed promise, for free!

He is a proud member of these amazing foundations to this day and through this work has helped several people achieve their instrument dreams by placing one in their homes to help them through the process.

Mark is our guitar teacher for several CityMusic funded sites and brings passion, enthusiasm and love for children into his work from ages 5-105.


Mark says, "I'm now going on my 3rd year as a Therapeutic Musician/Educator and I love every minute of what I do and can't wait to share my love for Music with everyone that needs it."

JW picture.jpg

Kelsey Lawrence MT-BC

Kelsey grew up immersed in singing and creating music with her family. She started on flute when she was 8 and played in Band through High School and College.  She studied Music Therapy at Radford University in Virginia.  Her internship was conducted in Philadelphia at The Kardon Institute for Arts Therapy. Kelsey has spent most of her career with her favorite age group working in early intervention and school settings with children.

She works at several of our Head Start Programs providing music in early childhood.

Kelsey additionally has four children of her own ages 15, 12, 10, and 8. 


Kayla Stubblefield MT-BC

 Kayla is a music therapist who serves southeastern Ohio. Kayla graduated with a Bachelors in Music from Ohio University in 2021 and completed her music therapy internship at Bridgeway Academy in Columbus, OH. Kayla now serves people in medical, mental health, and correctional facilities and designs creative visuals for Central Ohio Music Therapy. 

Kayla is the mastermind behind our Teen Songwriting Programs in the Columbus Library System.  

Kayla is recently engaged (congratulations Kayla)!  She loves playing with dogs, serving at her church in Athens, and being a natural hair enthusiast.


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