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Our programming features music lessons and experiences for children who may not have access to them otherwise.

We are committed to identifying and helping children who are at risk for harm or loss in the course of their mental, physical and social development.

Many studies document that participation in music performance, either solo or in groups, can bridge development gaps for troubled children, and can help them to resolve social or  behavioral problems.

Our current line-up includes the following programs, which will expand rapidly, as we achieve new funding:

Toddlers- we provide music experiences at HeadStart and in public libraries.

School age children - we sponsor guitar lessons, provide practice guitars, and places for practice.

Preteens and teens – we underwrite guitar lessons and singer-songwriter programs.

Our partner, Central Ohio Music Therapy, provides musicians, teachers and music therapists who develop curricula and who are trained to work with troubled children and adolescents. They currently use the colored string method to teach beginning guitar.

Our unique guitar program, which funded three after-school programs in this first year, features training on guitars, as well as the guitars and space for practice between lessons. Children who demonstrate skill, aptitude and responsibility in the care of their loaned guitar will be
eligible to receive their own guitar.

We will respect and continue the mission of our founder Steve Rosenberg to provide dynamic concert experiences by top caliber artists, as we host musical fundraising events to further our mission.

Our Vision

Music enhances learning, literacy, enrichment, spirituality and creativity.

Exposure to music builds a better community.

CityMusic Columbus can enrich the lives of children by filling the gaps in their musical experiences.

Our Board


Board Members present on 3/26/23 at our Spring Concert & Art Auction at Strongwater Events. From L to R: 

Kent Robinson, Eugene Braig, Eric Burden, Gayle Karafil, Crystal Mayle, Leslie Laufman

Leslie Laufman - President

               Retired Physician                        

Kent Robinson - Secretary 
Retired Accounting Software Engineer
Founder of the Robinson Youth Guitar Program


Crystal Mayle, CPA -Treasurer

Controller, Velocys, Inc.

Eugene Braig - Trustee

Artistic Director of Columbus Guitar Society's Concert Series, Biologist

Gayle Karafil - Trustee

Retired Paramedic, Part-Time Musician, Founder of the Joel Guild and Gayle Karafil Endowment

Eric Burden- Trustee
Retired Attorney

Simone Ellerson - Trustee

Technical Assistance Specialist, Family Child Care

Action For Children​

We offer our sincere gratitude to Dennis McCann, Trustee Emeritus, who served our Board for several years as Vice President. 

Our sincere thanks for your service Dennis!

​​Questions? Suggestions? Contact us!

We're interested in your thoughts about our new focus and your ideas for programing and fundraising. Please use the form at the right to contact us.


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